Thema Company provides solutions for agricultural management, environmental planning and natural resource management utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our company sets up complete cloud-based GIS systems, provides remote sensing services and carries out complex spatial analyses utilizing advanced GIS tools. These activities are enlisted in the support of decision making in all aspects of agricultural, environmental and natural resource management (e.g. ecology, conservation, infrastructure, water and soil). For a more detailed description of Thema and the importance of GIS, see our company profile.

The main services we provide are

Thema's approach to business


Beyond our specific expertise in using GIS to support environmental planning and agriculture, our approach to business is based on creative cooperation with companies which have expertise complementary to our own in order to create synergies advantageous for our customers. This approach allows us to provide complete solutions to a broad variety of challenges and problems through the cooperative work of professionals from different fields.

GIS services


Thema's professionals are expert in the utilization of the extensive capabilities of GIS software for the analysis of geographic data for environmental and agricultural planning. These analyses include the creation of complex models for calculating soil suitability for agriculture, computing danger indices (wildfire, pollution, and erosion), creating hydrological layers, analyzing area topology and identifying special phenomena.

Setting up cloud-based GIS systems


Providing the capacity to manage, query, analyze and integrate a variety of geographic data on the web in a way that is easy, flexible and relatively inexpensive.

Cloud for Agriculture


Thema creates and supplies advanced tools to support agriculture, utilizing cloud-based GIS. This system enables mapping of fields on the basis of recent aerial photography, saving historical data and displaying and querying the data. Thema's Cloud for Agriculture supplies additional services for farmers including: remote sensing for crop monitoring, integration of soil sample data, integration of Agriculture Ministry and Agricultural Research Organization data, creation of supplementary data layers (e.g. buildings) and more. The platform is actually a geographic website which allows the farmer or community to input and display additional data including – building plans, farm area allotments and irrigation infrastructure. It even allows the farmer to share data with the public and governmental bodies, for example to support B&B advertisement or direct marketing of produce.

Remote sensing


Within the framework of our Cloud for Agriculture, Thema provides processing of remote sensing data (Sentinel and Landsat) to produce the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This index is provided to customers during the entire growing season. It enables the identification of fields affected by some deficiency, allowing the farmer to make a quick response (e.g. to irrigate or fertilize where it is needed).

GIS consulting


We have extensive long-term experience in the establishment and integration of in-house geographic information systems, and in the creation, maintenance and updating of geographic databases.

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תמה, תכנון סביבתי וממ"ג


שער פלמר 1, קומה 7,

ת.ד. 33189, חיפה 31331

טלפון\פקס: 073-7269696