Our Specialties



THEMA is the "seam" between advanced GIS & RS technology and the practical needs of professionals in the fields of agriculture, environmental planning, ecology, conservation, and development. We offer consultancy on a broad spectrum of use, regardless of the size of the area, we will characterize your needs and provide monitoring and solution roadmap tailored to your needs

Enviorment & Open landscapes

Our team holds great experience in spatial ecology, worldwide.
We believe that GIS & Remote sensing tools are the basis for better sustainability and maintaining open landscapes



Precision agriculture has become a value for sustainability and food security in the world.
We hold much experience in maintaining GIS cloud, managing spatial content, and providing remote sensing-based analysis and monitoring to result in efficient fieldwork, reducing resource use, and maximizing the yield.
With our unique experience, we are able to implement these tools and abilities everywhere around the world, in every environment - deserts to be included and any type of country


Monitoring a forest is a tough challenge for groundwork. We at THEMA are specializing in forestry, in all it's aspects;

  • Long term sustainability plan

  • Special models for monitoring forests such as - identifying tree species, health monitoring, and more

  • Dealing with droughts

  • More....



From the field to an established database. 
We have extensive long-term experience in the establishment and integration of in-house GIS, and in the creation, maintenance, and updating of geographic database

Remote Sensing

Thema provides processing of remote sensing data (Sentinel and Landsat) for monitoring and identifying phenomena's on the ground.
From basics of NDVI, as a generic solution for precision agriculture, to tailor-made solutions for extreme challenges.


Agriculture and land appraisal

THEMA is a leading company providing solutions for Agricultural Appraisal utilizing our remote sensing and GIS skills and knowledge to solve tough land assessments

Spatial managment

Thema creates and supplies advanced tools to support agriculture, utilizing cloud-based GIS. This system enables the mapping of fields on the basis of recent aerial photography, saving historical data, and displaying and querying the data. Thema's Cloud for Agriculture supplies additional services for farmers including remote sensing for crop monitoring, integration of soil sample data, integration of Agriculture Ministry and Agricultural Research Organization data, creation of supplementary data layers (e.g. buildings), and more. The platform is actually a geographic website which allows the farmer or community to input and display additional data including – building plans, farm area allotments and irrigation infrastructure. It even allows the farmer to share data with the public and governmental bodies, for example to support B&B advertisement or direct marketing of produce.

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